Short Guide on How to Rate Football Referees

Regardless of what type of fans visit the website, the founders have decided to offer a short guide on how to pick a certain referee and rate it accordingly. Incidentally, there will also be beginners and novices to football which will access the website and this initiative hope to offer an initial insight into referee characteristics and rating.

More importantly, those who already have experience when it comes to football referees and their assessment for conduct and practice, can use this short guide in order to verify and substantiate their massimo_busacca_referee_switzerland_10already existent knowledge.

First and foremost, when one decides to assess and rate the performance or characteristics of a football referee, he or she must know that the assessment can be performed from both a qualitative (subjective) or quantitative (objective) point of view. Namely, people can rate referees in accordance with their own personal criteria and preferences or they can choose to rate referees by evaluating their performance indicators such as correct game calls, decisions, conduct, etc. Bearing that in mind, users need to understand the fact that the type of assessment will have a detrimental impact on the final ratings which will sum-up the referee performance.

Furthermore, in order to achieve a fair rating, the website founders advise everyone to take into account the performance indicators rather than personal preferences and assessment, as such an evaluation will be more accurate and it will offer a more fair rating. One needs to let go of any personal quarrels and feelings that he or she might feel about a particular referee and offer a rating by assessing his performance.

Last but not least, although the rating must reflect the referee performance, when there are other issues present, such as the fact that the referee might have personal misconduct problems, such as an affinity for certain player nationalities or teams, then these aspects must be also considered when offering the rating.