Referee Table with Standings for the Avid Fans

Knowing that there are fanatics out there who like to deal with the detailed aspects of football and all the numbers behind each game, the website also offdownload-2ers a special page where a table which contains all the referees from all of the four leagues is combined and is provided with other interesting data.

Here people will be able to access a well-structured table that contains all the referees that are currently registered as active in the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2. Numerous parameters are offered for each referee, such as: date of inception in the corresponding league, number of hours of arbitrating, years present in the football leagues, personal and biographical data (date of birth, marital status, children, educational and professional background), total number of red and yellow cards offered (per match, season, league), sustained injuries, recorded misconduct episodes, etc.

By using the provided data, football fans can get a good overview of each referee and this is precisely why this page is targeted at advanced football fans, who prefer to go beyond the performance indicators offered by the football federation and resort to other, more specific aspects in order to have a basis for offering ratings.

This being said, everyone who has an eye for statistics and is good with mathematics and numbers, is invited on this page in order to find the required information. Even more, the founders of the referee rating website will offer a prize for those who wish to create an intuitive algorithm that can predict referee rating in the upcoming matches and seasons. To do so, each of the parameters offered for the referees can be easily dragged-and-dropped into a calculus field, where mathematical operators, variables and functions can also be inputted in order to construct the preferred algorithm.

Once people are satisfied with their formula, they can submit it and after it has been validated by the website administrators, the prize will be offered accordingly.