Referee Ratings Statistics and Trends

As a supplement to the main table where all the referees are found and information can be accessed, the founders of the referee rating website also offer their personal insight on the matter, on this page where the rating statistics and trends 6247086350_bd97ee320f_bare provided for each referee, separately.

All the information presented here is the result of a mathematical analysis exercise that was performed by the website administrators using the referee data and must be treated as such. No digital rights are enforced and since the information is publicly available, users can do whatever they prefer with it, as long as they respect a standard citation.

If one is to combine the information presented on this page with the data found in the general referee table, people can attain a better assessment for a particular referee and this was the initial inspiration that drove the website administrators to create this dedicated page. Hoping to help users rate referees easily, they have decided to use their own football analysis background and perform an analysis using the information available for each referee as well as the general ratings offered by people on the website.

What resulted from their analysis could be of valuable help for those who wish to be able to have a deeper insight into the referee performance assessment and football arbitrating statistics.

For better data visualization, this page contains several plots, graphs and tables for each referee or multiple referees, in accordance with the selection performed by each users and this can lead to a better overall rating, as the visualized statistical data is far easier to interpret than the actual resulted numbers presented in the tables. If people find mistakes or have other ideas regarding the statistical analysis, they are encouraged to contact the referee rating website using the dedicated contact page.