Rate the Referees from the Championship

For fans who prefer the classic Championship league, this page will allow them to search the preferred referee, assign a rating and then browse other referees for more ratings.

Located right after the Premier League, the Championship league is a classic place where the old teams and players have been competing since the inception of the league system in the sport. Here, fans will be able to find longstanding teams which have an imprdownload-1essive pedigree when it comes to football and with an outstanding attendance record.

The same goes for the referees who are active in this league. The matches and the activities might not be as intense as in the Premier League, but the Championship also promises fans with a lot of action and various situations which will test referees to their limits and therefore make them show their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Just as with the Premier League, users will have access to a referee database which can be queried by adjusting the search parameters and applying the correct search filters. One difference is the fact that in the Championship league, people will have a rating limit which is session and daily based.

What that means is the fact that once logged on into their accounts, users who have opted for the Championship league, will only be able to rate 30 referees per session. This rule was introduced mainly because there were so many rating requests in this league page that the server often crashed. Therefore, for those who wish to rate referees in this league, they will be able to rate only 30 referees per session, per day. That also means that if in any given day they choose to divide their ratings into several sessions which do not exceed the total number, they will be also to perform the ratings in this manner.