League 1 and League 2 Referees.

These two, smaller leagues, might appeal to fans who are involved into monitoring local teams and more specific, niche referees. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that these two leagues will not offer football action to satisfy the avid fans.mark-clattenburg-1440503596-800

Here, since there are two leagues are offered on the same website page, the founders of the referee rating website have decided to offer a special rating feature for these two. What that means is that people will be able to rate in the same leagues simultaneously and for referees who arbitrate in both League 1 and League 2, perform real-time comparisons of ratings for the two leagues.

This might not seem much at first, but for those for whom the details are important, useful statistical data can be extracted from these comparisons and therefore achieve a “comparative” rating. This type of rating is offered only for the two leagues and it expresses the sum of the performance of referees in both of the leagues.

By offering separate ratings to the same referee in both the leagues, people will be able to use the provided “comparative” rating calculation field which will employ a ratio algorithm that will calculate and display the referee rating based on the performance achieved in League 1 and League 2. This can offer different insights when compared to single-league rating, because it accounts for the referee conduct in separate environments.

For example, if a referee attends two matches in the same day at different hours, in League 1 and League 2 consequently, and if at the first match he shows decreased performance and in the second match better performance, the two will counter-balance themselves and offer the final “comparative” rating.

There are no restrictions in the rating process for these two leagues, since there are far less members here and no server problems have ever been encountered.