Choosing the Right League for Rating Referees

Although most football fans who might visit this website could already be well versed in the art of football and referee assessment, it is always good to offer some general insight on how to select a preferred league for performing the rating process.chm-2018-v-rossii-stanet-pervym-gde-budut-ispolzovatsya-videopovtory_1

The website currently offers a referee database that stretches over four major football leagues present in the United Kingdom: Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2. That means that if there are fans that would prefer to rate referees who are active in other football clubs or establishment, they will not be able to use this website.

However, since most of the football teams and their corresponding activity is undergoing in the four leagues mentioned above, it is safe to assume that the users might be able to find the preferred referee without too much trouble. To this end, the website also offers a dedicated page that provides a detailed table with all the referees currently enlisted as active in all the four leagues, which will greatly facilitate the search process for those who are looking for a particular referee, but don’t have time to browse each league separately.

Obviously, the choice depends mostly on individual preference, but there are a few aspects that must be taken into account when choosing a preferred league for rating referees. The most important factor which could weigh the users’ choice is the fact that once a preferred league has been selected, they will be able to rate only referees from that league. If they wish to be able to rate referees from multiple leagues simultaneously, they must create multiple accounts and select a different league for each one.

The leagues with the most referees and the most user activity are without a doubt, the Championship and Premier League. The 1st and 2nd League will have significantly less “pulse”, since the activity is less intense in these leagues. This is also a key aspect that must be kept in mind when selecting a league for rating.